Bathrooms are commonly used by household members and guests. It’s the perfect environment for germs to populate, which may cause your guests to get sick. The bathroom is one of the germiest places in a home. Did you know that the toothbrush is actually the object that harbors the most germs in a bathroom? The bathtub comes second. We are regularly exposed to these germs, but we can help slow the spread by regularly cleaning and washing our hands. You should sanitize your bathroom every one to two weeks, while high-touch surface areas such as the toilet and faucets need to be cleaned every week. If possible, open the windows to air out fumes (if any) and even make the drying process quicker. Let’s get started on perfecting how to sanitize your bathroom. 

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Tile Grout

Give your shower a good scrub weekly to prevent your tiles from turning yellow and building up bacteria. You’ll not only be cleaning off the germs that have accumulated through showers, you’ll also have your shower looking brand new! Make sure you are wearing gloves and using an EPA-approved bath cleaner. Use a stiff brush and apply the product to the area. Make sure to follow the directions on the cleaner so that you don’t use the product incorrectly. Make sure you end with a final rinse. 


The sink holds many things – hair, buildup of soap and toothpaste, and of course, lots of germs. The best way to clean a sink is to use a disinfectant. Wipe around the countertop, in the sink bowl, and in and around the faucet handles. While you’re at it, make sure you wipe other things on the countertop. This can include, but not limited to, soap dispensers, mirrors, and toothbrush holders. If the product goes in contact with your mouth, such as cups, make sure to disinfect by cleaning with soap and water. 


Following the directions for a toilet bowl cleaner, use a stiff-bristled toilet brush to do the scrubbing. Remember to flush at the end. For the toilet seat and handles, use a disinfectant. You can also take the extra step and use a toilet bowl cleaner, which sticks to the toilet and cleans the toilet bowl with each flush. Remember: toilet brushes need cleaning as well. Spray with disinfectant and let the brush dry out before returning it to it’s placeholder. 


Equally important, you shouldn’t wait until you see dirt or grime to clean your floors. Using a bathroom cleaner is great for your bathroom floors. If your floor has grime, use a cleanser that contains bleach. Use a brush and scrub on the affected area, rinse, and wipe dry. You can clean floors with a microfiber wipe or a mop. 

Shower area

Using a bath cleaner, spray on the shower areas. There are multiple different cleaning products for each type of surface, so make sure you get the correct one. For tougher grime and stains, use a magic eraser for baths. These contain scrubbers and cleansers that will help the harsher stains. By regularly cleaning your shower area, you can avoid any mildew, mold, and grime from building up. 

Bathroom fan

Lastly, if you have a fan in your bathroom, don’t forget to clean it as well. A fan helps dry out your bathroom which can prevent mold and mildew. A dirty fan won’t work efficiently, and can cause problems. Remove the vent cover and submerge it in soapy water for a few minutes. Scrub the cover to remove all dirt and dust. Allow the cover to dry before you put it back. With the exhaust fan, make sure there is no electricity to the fan. You can safely remove dust with a vacuum. Make sure you don’t damage anything by being too aggressive. 

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