Let’s set the scene: you get a booking, you prepare for your guests, and then shortly after, you get an email notification saying that your guest has decided to cancel their booking. Not only do you lose the money from that guest, you also lose time for a potential booker to stay at your vacation rental property. Frustrating, right?

Even though we can never predict the future, and unforeseen circumstances can affect a vacation stay, there are things you can do as a host to lower Airbnb cancellations from guests – perfecting your vacation rental listing. 

cleancio airbnb vacation rental unit cleanings


Although it can be time consuming to take lots of pictures, they are the first impressions for potential guests when they are looking for an Airbnb. If you don’t capture your potential guest’s attention in the first few pictures, they’re most likely to exit and move on to the next Airbnb unit option. Make sure not to “double up” – as in, taking similar pictures at slightly different angles. The best way to do this is to take a horizontal picture of your room, as this angle allows you to present more of your room to the guest rather than a vertical picture. And don’t forget to add captions! Get creative and highlight features within your room descriptions so your guest will have an idea of what you are offering them. 


3 words: keep it simple! Take pictures with bright lighting and keep your room clutter-free and simple to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. Take a step back and shoot the corners of each room – this will make the room more spacious and inviting. Always be sure to use natural lighting, as it will give the room a vibrant appearance. And feel free to use a photo editing tool that can help enhance your pictures. 


Keep the description short – your potential guest may be overwhelmed over a lengthy post. Each potential guest will be looking for something different out of your Airbnb listing. For one guest, wifi connection is their priority, while another guest will prioritize easy access into the big city. Keeping the description in bite-sized sections will help the potential guest find what they are looking for. Use one section to highlight any unique points that will set you apart from all of the other Airbnbs in the area. Any extra details can be added as a caption for your pictures. 


There are some aspects that will play a key factor in deciding which Airbnb to book for some guests. For example, guests who are on a business trip or are light sleepers will not want to be around a noisy complex, or guests without a car will want easy access to restaurants, stores, and other amenities. Giving guests unpleasant surprises may lead to a bad review on your property, which can negatively impact future bookings. 


Do research with properties around your area. Adjust due to market demands, such as local music festivals and holidays, or simply weekend versus weeknight charges. Potential guests will want a unit that is reasonable and in their budget. However, highlight any amenities such as a pool that can allow you to charge a little more. This can also lower Airbnb cancellations from guests as some individuals still shop around for a better deal even after a booking. 


Potential guests will want the comfort of knowing that their host will be easy to communicate with, and fast to reach in case something happens. This is a great opportunity to connect with your guests as well. 

Getting lower Airbnb cancellations and being able to host more guests is super exciting. However, having a good listing is only a part of being a good host. Make sure your unit is thoroughly cleaned before and after a guest visits. Especially during this time of the pandemic, safety and cleanliness is the utmost priority. Don’t stress – Cleancio can help with that! Our in-housekeeping team are trained to always follow the CDC and Airbnb cleaning guidelines. Visit our website for more information and book a deep clean with us before your next guest arrives.