As an Airbnb host, you want to give your guest the best possible experience while they are staying at your vacation rental unit. This includes a welcoming environment and clean unit, and also great customer service. These are just the basics – each guest is different, so it’s important to build a relationship with them prior to their stay, so that you know the best way to accommodate them. With an increase of guest satisfaction at your Airbnb unit, it could mean higher reviews and ratings, and more bookings. 


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Building a relationship

Before your guests’ arrival, send them a welcome message. Try building a relationship with them, so that you can try and adjust your unit to fit their needs. For example, if you give your guests a welcome basket, and you find out your guest is a fan of sweet treats, you may include a cupcake in your basket. Building a relationship also builds trust, which is very important to have. 

Building trust 

Show your guests that you trust them enough to allow them to feel comfortable and at home while in a different area. Although it is perfectly fine to establish some general rules, such as no partying or animals, don’t become super picky or controlling. You want guests to feel like they can relax, not feel like they are with their parents again. Building a trust and relationship all comes from good communication. 


Good communication will make sure that there are no misunderstandings or surprises. These can negatively impact your reviews and ratings. Let your guests know that you are always available to address or answer any problems that may arise during their stay. Even though as a host, you want to show that you are there for your guests. You want to make their experience positively memorable. This includes adapting to each guests’ needs and preferences. Make it known that you’re there for them, but also respect their boundaries and space. You can be there to welcome them and say goodbye, but don’t keep pushing boundaries and always show up during their stay. 

Provide local tips

Since you know your area well, you can try building a more personalized list of tips for your guests. Consider if your guest likes to try new restaurants, and what type of food they are into. This would be a great time to introduce them to check out your favorite restaurant. Share any beautiful sightings or activities, such as parks or museums, near your area. Give the guests your insider knowledge. Let them know the best way to travel there, public transportation tips, anything that you think might be helpful to them. 

Housekeeping professional

Lastly, hiring a professional cleaner may help increase guest satisfaction at your Airbnb unit. At Cleancio, our cleaning professionals will follow hospitality and Airbnb standards. They also have an extensive knowledge of cleaning procedures and products, so you don’t have to worry. Our mobile app allows you to keep track of all the cleaning products that are being used, and manage all bookings. You can also track the cleanings in real time, and talk to our customer service team, all from the app. Learn more on our website, and book a cleaning today!