As an Airbnb host, you want to make sure your vacation rental unit is up to date, safe, and enjoyable. Giving your unit the attention and finances that it needs will pay off in the long run. You should treat your Airbnb unit like your own home. Afterall, you will have many different guests staying in it for a few days. Not putting enough into your unit will show to your guests, and may result in lower ratings. 

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Little things matter 

Simply a new fresh coat of paint or just some new decor items can spruce up an Airbnb living space. You want to be up to date with some of the latest trends, but don’t pack too much in your room that it’ll make the guests feel claustrophobic. Browsing on Pinterest can give you an idea of how to decorate your unit. Don’t fill your unit with the cheapest options possible. The quality will show to your guests, which may lead to lower ratings. 

Welcoming outdoor area

Don’t forget about the outdoor area (if you have one). Your exterior presence is just as important as the interior. Keep up with your landscaping, and give your outdoor space a neat and welcoming appearance. If possible, add some flowers to give it some color. Having some nice outdoor furniture can allow your guests to sit outside and enjoy nature. 

Update your listing

Always remember to update your listing! Even if it’s small things like the fresh coat of paint or new decor like we mentioned earlier. Guests do not like surprises. Even though it’s a positive surprise, small things like that can throw them off. This leaves them with an uneasy feeling on what else they would be surprised with, and can ruin the rest of the stay. 

Try the space out 

If you’re unsure whether you’ve done enough in your unit or not, try spending a night or two there. You’ll be able to get a first-hand experience of your Airbnb unit, and can understand what the guest would want or need. You may realize that the towels you bought aren’t as comfortable, there aren’t enough utensils, or the living space isn’t as comfortable. 

Keep up with maintenance 

Keep track of your unit. Make sure to replace light bulbs, toilet paper, filters, and other various maintenance items on a regular basis. Keep up with appliances so that your guest doesn’t have to call you regarding maintenance. Maintaining your appliances could also keep them safe. And if you are able to, transfer your appliances to energy-efficient. Transferring your unit to use energy-efficient appliances will not only help the environment, it will help lower your bills as well. 

Clean unit 

As always, a clean vacation rental unit is a must. Guests do not want to enter an Airbnb that has not been maintained. You must clean before and after a guest arrives. Remember to disinfect and sanitize also, and look in places you might miss, such as corners or under furniture. We understand that being a host is busy work, and all of this can be overwhelming. That’s where Cleancio comes in. We are your cleaning partner, and have fair pricing with no hidden fees. Our in-house housekeeping team are trained to follow all hospitality standards and Airbnb cleaning guidelines. With reliable and flexible scheduling, you will never have to worry about a cleaning cancellation, or a housekeeper not following cleaning standards. Learn more on our website, and book a cleaning today!