It is every hosts’ nightmare – getting the one-star review on their Airbnb listing after hosting a guest.  Unfortunately, it happens. Guests may say they are happy or even fine with their stay, only to reverse it later. Guests may not be vocal about the problems they have within your vacation rental unit and take it out on the review. It’s inevitable, but don’t panic. We have some pointers on how to deal with, and improve your Airbnb rating after this one-star review. 


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Reply to the review

Take some time to reflect on how you’re going to reply. It’s natural to feel defensive, but don’t let that take over in the replies. Start by addressing the issues head-on. Was the low rating because of an appliance not working? Something that was missing? Be sure to address that it is fixed so that potential guests will know that it won’t be an issue for them. It also shows potential guests that you take the time out to make your vacation rental unit better. However, if the feedback is about something you have no control over, such as the parking situation, then it is best to just ignore it. Make sure not to leave a lengthy reply either.

Learn and improve

What was it that your guest was unsatisfied about? Although getting a one-star rating stings, use this as a way to improve your listing and vacation rental unit, and try to prevent future one-star ratings. Take their suggestions, try and fix what the guests were unhappy about, and do some research on other hosts and how they manage their vacation rental unit. Feel free to ask guests specifically for their opinions, instead of relying on just the reviews and comments. There is always room for improvement. 

Confirm that your listing is accurate 

Always update your listing when you replace or get new furniture, decor, or just simply rearrange your room around. Make sure there are no surprises – even small ones that may not seem like a big deal. Some guests may feel like you’re keeping other information from them, which could leave an uneasy feeling on the guests. 

Give freebies and build a connection 

Building a connection is important! You don’t have to constantly be around your guests, but occasionally checking in on them during their stay, as well as sending a message before and after can make your guest feel like they’re being cared for. Show that you are easy to communicate with to make your guests feel more welcomed at your vacation rental unit. Establishing a connection may help improve your Airbnb rating. Additionally, a welcome basket, some extra toiletries, or common drinks and snacks may be a rating boost as well. 

As always, make sure that your vacation rental unit is cleaned and maintained properly. All of this can be overwhelming, but no worries – Cleancio is here to help. Our in-housekeeping team are trained to always follow the CDC and Airbnb cleaning guidelines. Visit our website for more information and book a deep clean with us before your next guest arrives.