Guests’ safety and health is the number one priority for vacation rental unit hosts. Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, the last thing a host wants is for a guest to fall ill after staying at their rental property. Of course, most people aren’t cleaning experts, and that’s okay. That’s where Cleancio comes in. All our in-house cleaning professionals are trained to always follow the CDC and Airbnb cleaning guidelines. Cleancio has the right products to meet Airbnb safety guidelines, personal protection equipment (PPE), and processes in place to ensure high cleaning standards have been delivered. Hiring professional housekeepers may lower liability, and saves you time and money. 

Airbnb Cleanings - Vacation Rental cleanings

Safe cleaning products

There are plenty of cleaning products available that it can be overwhelming. You may have many questions – which has the best value? The safest for my home? The safest for myself, guests, and pets?  At Cleancio, our housekeepers always use EPA-approved products. We know which products are best to keep you and your guests safe, and keep your unit damage-free. With the use of our mobile app, we also provide photographic evidence of the products we use, and the results of the deep cleaning. It allows you to stay informed with the housekeepers. 

Reduces risk of injury 

While trying to figure out the best way to clean your unit, you may potentially slip, fall, drop, or even unknowingly mix harsh chemicals. Professional housekeepers will have experience minimizing the risk of injury while deep cleaning your unit. They have the best equipment and practices, so you can sit back, and relax. 

Lowers risk of damage

Although it’s understandable to want to clean your unit yourself to save some money, using the wrong product, or incorrect cleaning process, can instantly or over time damage your property. This will lead to even more costs. Instead of taking the risk, hire a professional housekeeping team. Professionals will be able to give your vacation rental unit a deep clean at an affordable cost. Get the peace of mind knowing that your unit is being taken care of and cleaned professionally. No more being overwhelmed by all of the cleaning products and processes – Cleancio’s got your back. 

Lowers risk of illness 

With the cleaning professionals’ knowledge and process on deep cleaning your unit, they are able to reduce risk of illness caused by bacteria, germs, and viruses. Particularly during this coronavirus pandemic, you are never too careful when it comes to cleaning. The last thing you want is to have your guests get ill after staying at your unit. 

By partnering with Cleancio, you never have to worry again about cleaning and disinfecting your unit. Our in-house housekeepers are trained to meet CDC and Airbnb guidelines with every deep clean. Not only do hiring professional housekeepers may lower liability, we save you time and money as well! Never worry about a housekeeper cancelling or not cleaning up to your standards. With the mobile app, we make the process as smooth as possible. You can keep track in real time what products your housekeepers are using, photographic evidence of each cleaning, and easily communicate with any comments or questions. Learn more on our website, and book a cleaning with us today!