Safeguard your vacation rental properties from coronavirus with these recommended cleaning procedures to keep guests and high star ratings protected.

Vacation rental cleaning is always one of the highest priorities for vacation homeowners and vacation property managers. However, thanks to the coronavirus, the cleaning stakes have been raised. Now, it’s more important than ever to protect your vacation rental against germs and viruses. We are here to help you reassess your vacation rental cleaning procedures and processes to make sure your properties are protected and 100% coronavirus-free with these recommended guidelines:

Clean & Disinfect After Every Guest

In a world before coronavirus, you may have given your rental vacation properties a regular cleaning that would’ve been more than acceptable for the next incoming guests. However, due to the contagiousness of the coronavirus, guests are demanding the highest standard of cleaning possible – can you blame them? 

First of all, make sure you are wearing disposable gloves to clean and disinfect before you start.

Start by cleaning frequently touched and visibly dirty surfaces using soap and water. High touch surfaces include tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, etc.

For soft surfaces such as carpeted rugs and drapes, clean the surface using soap and water or with cleaners appropriate for use on these surfaces.

Next: disinfection.

Killing germs by disinfecting is the most effective way to lower the risk of infection. This means disinfecting the entire house, including anything your guests may have touched, such as the TV remote, doorknobs, window handles, taps, stair railings, light switches, and kitchen appliances. 

For disinfection purposes, there are over 100 different types of disinfectants that claim to destroy the coronavirus on surfaces. 

When finished, remove and dispose of your gloves immediately and wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

Launder Everything 

laundry procedures during covid19

Launder all items (if possible) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the warmest appropriate water setting and dry items completely. If you cannot launder certain items, disinfect with an EPA-registered household disinfectant

Be sure to wear disposable gloves when handling their dirty laundry and then discard after each use. Clean hands immediately after gloves are removed.Try not to shake any dirty laundry. This will minimize the possibility of dispersing the virus through the air. If possible, launder items using the warmest appropriate water setting for the items and dry items completely. It’s okay to mix laundry from an ill person with other people’s items in the washing machine. 

Also, remember to clean and disinfect clothes baskets or consider placing a bag liner that is either disposable (can be thrown away) or can be laundered.

Communicate with Guests

Guest communication is crucial during covid19

Lastly, let your guests know that you are aware of the virus and that you are following the recommended cleaning standards set by professionals to avoid your rental being contaminated. 

Provide them some safety tips on how to protect themselves either through a poster, leaflet or a short message.

Here are key prevention measures you could include: 

  • Wash your hands with soap and water regularly and use hand sanitizer
  • Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing with a tissue
  • Avoid contact with people who are unwell
  • Don’t touch your face, nose, and mouth when hands are not clean
  • Minimize physical contacts such as handshakes and hugs
  • Open windows to allow air circulation
  • Disinfect frequently used items such as cellphones and laptops

Also, make sure you have provided your guests with the necessary items they need to keep themselves and the property as clean and safe as possible. Consider placing hand sanitizer in each room and by the front door so guests can regularly sanitize their hands. Providing enough tissues, cleaning products, and disposable gloves for your guests can also give you rental brownie points.

Following these cleaning guidelines are absolutely CRUCIAL not only to keep up with the national standards of cleanliness during the coronavirus but to avoid receiving negative feedback and low ratings from your guests.

Hiring a professional vacation rental cleaning company that follows CDC standards can be the answer to successfully maintaining high levels of sanitation, a high star rating and great feedback from customers who felt comfortable and safe staying in your rental property during such a high-risk time.

At Cleancio we have in house cleaning professionals who are trained to follow CDC cleaning standards. Our vacation rental cleaning procedures allow us to ensure every unit cleaned by a Cleancio is in perfectly clean and disinfected.  Let us know know how can we help!