Winter is creeping up on Chicago, and with the beautiful snow, comes the cold, piercing wind. Depending on your location, there are certain weather factors to consider. For those that have vacation rental properties in snowy places, here are some things that you shouldn’t forget about.

  1. Get a welcome mat and a shoe rack

Guests will appreciate a place to dry off and put their dirty shoes. This will also prevent a lot of dirty snow and salt being tracked on the floor.

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Not only does this help keep the floor clean, but it also adds a nice touch (Dog not included).

2. Make sure your aircon is working

A broken heater in the winter is the last thing you would want your guest to experience during their stay. Regularly check your air conditioning unit for any problems so that you can catch system failures before they happen.

3. Consider purchasing a space heater

If your property’s heating unit is particularly weak or spotty, you may want to consider getting a small room heater that guests can use for the bedroom.

4. Provide a shovel for their car

Keep a shovel in the coat closet or in the garage if your property has a driveway so that the guests can clear a path for their car.

5. Switch to thicker beddings and provide blankets

Switch from a lighter duvet to a thicker comforter and provide your guests with fleece blankets. No one wants to be cold when they sleep.

6. Take care of the lockboxes

When the temperature drops, lockboxes tend to freeze up, so make sure you check up on them to ensure that guests are able to access their keys to the units.

The cold season is an exciting time of the year, bringing new experiences for your guest. By following these tips, you can guarantee that their stay is comfortable and enjoyable!





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