If you are a host or a traveller who uses Airbnb, you’ve most likely heard of the term “Superhosts.” 

So, what is a “Superhost”? How are they different from regular hosts? 

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“Superhosts” are different from regular hosts because they are experienced, and have a history of providing exceptional experiences for their guests. Superhosts are given a badge on their listing(s) and profile, so you will know when browsing for a rental unit. 

As a vacation rental host, you most likely are going to want to earn the Superhost badge. This will help you stand out in a group of listings, increasing the chances of your rental unit being booked. And as a guest, seeing the Superhost badge may be the dealbreaker between picking two listings. 

So, how does someone become a Superhost? You must have an account in good standing. Your performance is also evaluated for the previous 12 months. You must be experience, avoid cancellations, be responsive, and of course, maintain a high overall rating. The details of the requirements can be read here. 

The best part? You don’t even need to apply to become a Superhost! Hosts who meet or maintain the Superhost requirements will automatically become a Superhost. 

In addition, Superhosts come with super benefits. The badge can help attract more guests, which leads to more money. In addition, you can earn exclusive rewards. If you have been a Superhost for 4 consecutive quarters, you’ll receive a travel coupon. Benefits may vary by market and country. 

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