Evidently, 2020 was a tough year for everyone. Although through the many challenges of the pandemic, Cleancio still had an eventful year. In 2020, Cleancio continued developing its’ proprietary technology. It also opened its’ doors in Miami, Florida. At the end of 2020, Rocio Lane, CEO of Cleancio, is named one of the top 20 female CEOs of vacation rental tech companies.

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VRTECH is a not-for-profit that dedicates to the vacation rental tech community. The mission of VRTECH is to bring together the community to share ideas and visions. VRTECH would often host events, competitions, and educational information. 

As part of their mission, they brought recognition to 20 CEO’s and their vacation rental company. Of course, on that list is founder and CEO of Cleancio, Rocio Lane. Lane touches base on the mission of Cleancio, and advice for aspiring vacation rental tech CEOs. To read what she says, check out the article here. 

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Cleancio is an on-demand cleaning company. Lane used to be an Airbnb host as a hobby. However, keeping up with housekeepers always leaves her unsatisfied. As a result, Cleancio became the solution to her problem. Lane understands what it’s like to be a vacation rental and Airbnb host. That’s why Cleancio is available 365 days a year. In addition, all of the housekeepers go through in-house training. This ensure quality cleanings every time. Make Cleancio your cleaning partner today!