March is Women’s History Month, a month to celebrate women and all of their achievements. During this month, we also celebrate Women’s Day on March 8th. To celebrate Women’s Day, ShortTermRentalz released an article featuring 4 women who are defining the rental industry’s future. On this list includes Rocio Lane, CEO of Cleancio.

shorttermrentalz stro cleancio international women's day

ShortTermRentalz is a website dedicated to providing news in the short term rental industry. Their mission is to help rental professionals grow and deal with the challenges that rental owners may face. As a result of accomplishing their mission, they hosted a summit in London back in 2019. Another way of achieving their mission is acknowledging CEOs and their vacation rental businesses. One of these articles include International Women’s Day: The women defining the rental industry’s future. 

“We can help by raising our hands and standing for other women.” – Rocio Lane

See what else Lane and three other women had to say in the article here.

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