The vacation rental industry has changed significantly in the past decade, and so has the guest’s expectations.

Nowadays, you can’t just offer clean sheets to your guests and dust here and there.

Here are the options:

Do it Yourself.

Normally, check out time is at 10 AM or 11 AM. Make sure to be on time and bring a copy of the keys with you, just in case. Bring all your cleaning supplies, comfortable clothes, and wear a ponytail! If you are washing sheets and towels on site, this will be one of the first things you will do before you start cleaning. The time it will take you to clean the property will be based on the property size, complexity, and your cleaning experience.

Now, if you are also managing guest communications, reservations, listings, supplies, reviews, website, marketing, etc., the hours spent cleaning are going to take up the majority of your time and you will have less time to invest in revenue-generating activities. There is also a risk you will miss areas while cleaning and guests will complain because the property was not cleaned adequately.

Hiring a Housekeeper.

Explain and train your housekeeper about check out times & check-in times. It will be a good idea to provide her with a spare set of keys just in case guests don’t place the key back inside the lockbox (if this applies). Normally, housekeepers will bring all their supplies to clean. Most of the communication between the two of you will be done via text, which can be time-consuming.

Coordinating your cleanings into her busy schedule will be very challenging. Remember that you are not her only client and there will be times that she is already booked for the dates you need a cleaning.

You also need to be prepared for cancellations. If your housekeeper has another client or an emergency she won’t be able to complete your cleaning which will put you back into the position of cleaning the apartment yourself.

Hiring a Vacation Rental Cleaning Company.

Whether you have one property or manage multiple properties, this will be your best option. Start researching what companies specialize in cleaning vacation rentals in your area and if you are located in Chicago or Miami hire Cleancio.

Here is why:


Our team understands that exceptional guest experience is our main goal. We understand the vacation rental industry and are fully aware of hospitality terminology, as well as the reservation system.


We are constantly adding new Cleancios to our team. Each candidate goes through a rigorous screening process and only the ones that pass our test cleaning are hired. Constantly, our in-house team is trained on new cleaning techniques, processes, and trends.


Instant booking? No worries, we got it! We understand that reservations change constantly from Late Check Outs to Last Minute Turnovers. Our team works closely with you to always have your units ready regardless changes on the reservation.

Cleancio is more than a cleaning company, we are part of the guest experience.