Earlier this month, Cleancio was recognized in BestStartup.us 101 top Illinois travel companies of 2021. You can check out that article here. Additionally, Cleancio makes another list by BestStartup.us with a feature in the Top Mobile Apps Company!

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Best Startup uses one of these categories to narrow down their top 101 companies. The categories include: innovation, growth, management, and societal impact. On the list also includes ChowBus, SuperBetter, and Level Ex. To check out the full list, read the article here.

Best Startup’s mission is to promote amazing companies, businesses, and innovations to the world. They aim to bring more recognition and drive revenue to these companies and startups. How they achieve this is by featuring lists, such as the one that Cleancio is featured in. Best Startup is not limited to just the travel industry. They also bring recognition to other areas, such as graphic design companies, and property management. Best startup is managed by Fupping LTD, a London based media company.

What is Cleancio?

Cleancio is an on-demand cleaning company. We train all of our staff in-house to ensure that you get the highest quality cleanings. We also have housekeepers available 365 days a year. This means you never have to worry about a last minute cancellation or unavailable housekeepers. We understand that you’re busy. That’s why we make sure that all of your housekeeping needs are taken care of.

As one of our unique features, our mobile app allows housekeepers to take photographic evidence of the unit before and after cleaning. This ensures that every cleaning is complete and up to Cleancio standard. Furthermore, the mobile app allows housekeepers and hosts to communicate quickly and efficiently. Housekeepers can easily see and track their upcoming cleanings. Guest experience is our top priority. We are constantly developing the app in hopes of always improving the Cleancio experience for everyone.

Likewise, you can read more about all of Cleancio’s features and awards here. Additionally, you can read our blog here.

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