As the new year begins, so do new memories and achievements for Cleancio! Within a few weeks of 2021, Cleancio received its’ first feature of the year – VRTECH’s Who’s Who of the Vacation Rental World 2021.

vrtech who's who vacation rental industry cleancio

VRTECH is a not-for-profit that dedicates to the vacation rental tech community. The mission of VRTECH is to bring together the community to share ideas and visions. VRTECH would often host events, competitions, and educational information.

As part of their mission, they brought recognition to 224 companies within the vacation rental industry. These companies are put into 35 categories. Categories range from management, to website building, to cleaning services. As a result, this is the largest and most up-to-date catalog of service companies in the industry. To check out the catalog, click here

Similarly, you can check out all of Cleancio’s features and achievements on our press. Furthermore, you can check out our blog here. Lastly, you can start making Cleancio your cleaning partner!

Cleancio is an on-demand cleaning company. With automated services, it is perfect for busy vacation rental hosts and Airbnb hosts. All of our housekeepers go through in-house training. This leaves excellent quality cleanings every time. And we are available 365 days a year. You never have to worry about not having your unit cleaned. So check it out for yourself! Leave it all to Cleancio.