To begin, Cleancio started in April 2016 by Rocio Lane. Within a year, Cleancio grew from 2 to over 300 properties. Cleancio ended 2016 with a feature in Skift’s Travel Startup Watch. But that is only the beginning of Cleancio.

Skift is an intelligence platform that provides insights and trends to the travel industry. Their mission is to provide news, research, and marketing for the travel industry.  As part of their work, they alert readers about new startups in the travel industry every week. 

Particularly, in December of 2016, Cleancio is featured on one of their lists! This is Cleancio’s first feature. As expected, it is very exciting to begin seeing Cleancio’s impact in the industry. To emphasize, Cleancio is changing the vacation rental industry, one cleaning at a time. Therefore, to be recognized by Skift is an honor. 

All in all, always make sure your unit is well maintained. This includes proper disinfecting and cleaning procedures. We understand that all of that can be stressful. That’s why Cleancio is here to help. Furthermore, all of our housekeepers go through an in-house training process. This ensures high quality cleanings every time. Also, our housekeepers are available 365 days a year. This means you never have to worry about not being able to schedule a cleaning.

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See for yourself! Make Cleancio your cleaning partner today! Similarly, check out our press for more features and awards. You can check out our blog here too!