Like the saying goes, “It’s the little things that count.” The small touches are what really adds to a guest’s experience. Here are some easy ways to improve your guests’ vacation rental experience and make your property more appealing!

  1. Toiletries

Most hotels have complimentary travel size toiletries available to their guests. You could put small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and lotion for when your guests first arrive. Not only will it be convenient for travelers who forgot shampoo or lotion, but it adds a nice touch of luxury and comfort. Having a hair dryer and other styling tools available is a hotel standard that will perk up your property even more. But remember: it doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive soap or the nicest hand towels if your bathroom isn’t properly sanitized or the faucet isn’t polished.

2. Kitchen Supplies

Some guests prefer booking an Airbnb rather than a hotel because they want to have access to a kitchen. Stock up your cabinets with a few plates, bowls, silverware, and some cooking pots. Possible appliances to provide: coffee machine, toaster, oven, microwave, etc. If you do provide your guests with these items, make sure to also have a dish sponge or washcloth and soap.

3. Entertainment

Whilst the popularity of DVDs is dwindling, streaming services are becoming more common. Consider providing guests with access to a Netflix account. After each guest checks out, you can change the password to ensure account safety. Additionally, having free Wifi is a must, if you don’t already provide it. Make sure to check your internet connection regularly, to avoid any guest complaints.

4. To go above and beyond

There are also some miscellaneous supplies that would be helpful to add for a guest

  • Iron and ironing board
  • Room fan/heater (mostly only useful in the summer/winter as well as larger properties)

Lastly, make sure that your listing is as accurate as possible. Although some people don’t care if you have a toaster oven or not, ensure that if an item is on your listing, you have it available for the guest’s use. There’s nothing wrong with having a plain property that isn’t filled an abundance of appliances, but be careful not to advertise your listing as more luxurious than it actually is, as this will hurt your ratings a lot.