Airbnb is now a popular travel option that allows guests to stay at a vacation rental home as opposed to a hotel. Airbnb comes with multiple options within itself. The options allow you to either book a private home, a private room but share amenities such as kitchen and bathroom, or share a room with other guests. Airbnb creates a unique experience that allows you to stay at a unit that is specified to your needs and interests. Guests love to have a unit that falls into their comfort zone, especially when travelling to someplace new and unfamiliar. According to Stratos Jet, 60% of Airbnb bookings are from millennials. Millennials want a more unique and special experience when it comes to traveling. It is no surprise that they would make up a huge portion of consumers for Airbnb. 

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Unique Experiences

Every hotel has more or less the same room and concept. Airbnbs will stand out more when looking back on a trip. Millennials want a unique experience, matching them perfectly with Airbnb’s features. Each Airbnb is different, and has a more “home-like” feeling. No two Airbnb rooms will be the same, something that hotels definitely cannot do. 

Budget Friendly 

Depending on the location and time of booking, Airbnbs are usually the more affordable route. Now, who wouldn’t want to save some money? Each Airbnb has multiple unique features, making it easy to find something that matches you. With multiple properties, you can always find something that is perfect for everyone. Want a pool at your unit? Or a city view? Airbnb’s got it all. Since Airbnb also allows you to rent a full private unit, allowing you to gather a huge group of friends together. Larger groups will be a challenge when it comes to staying at a hotel. 

Personal Customer Service 

With Airbnb, you can (hopefully) easily contact your host with any questions or concerns. Guests want to feel like they are being taken care of. They also want to be assured that someone will help them if something goes wrong. Building a relationship is very important, as it creates trust. Trust goes a very long way nowadays, especially in times of leaving reviews and even COVID-19. At a hotel, the guest does not have that one person they can trust. Contacting the hotel company can even be a nightmare. With Airbnb, you know exactly who to call, and have the comfort of doing so. 

As Airbnb hosts, you can definitely use this to your advantage. With the Airbnb audience wanting affordable prices, unique features, and excellent service, you can help boost bookings by adjusting to meet these features. Try to make your Airbnb unit more unique. Fill it with features such as more activities like puzzles or board games. Research properties around you and any special events in your area to make sure you set your unit to the appropriate amount. And of course, build a relationship with your guests. Introduce yourself and make it known that you are always available to assist with anything. Take it a step further and provide a small welcome basket, or provide extra toiletries. 

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