As a good host, cleaning and disinfecting your rental property is always on the top of your priority list. We don’t doubt it. But during these uncertain times, it’s even more critical to follow strict Airbnb cleaning guidelines and use EPA-registered products so guests feel safe as we come together to eliminate the spread of the coronavirus.

Currently, Airbnb launched a mandatory COVID-19 safety practice that every Airbnb host must follow. This includes wearing face masks, social distancing, and following the 5-step enhanced cleaning process to clean and disinfect each unit.

Furthermore, all hosts are required to agree to these COVID-19 safety practices by November 20, 2020. Hosts who don’t complete this requirement before the deadline may be unable to accept new reservations. Learn more here.

Feeling overwhelmed with the strict guidelines? 

Worried that your guests may get sick due to improper disinfecting? 

Don’t worry – leave it all to Cleancio. 

Cleancio Airbnb cleaning & scheduling - Vacation rental cleanings


Aside from possessing the right products and equipment needed to go to war with potential COVID-19 germs, we cover all of your housekeeping needs. Because of the pandemic, guests are more concern about their health now than ever before and demand high safety guidelines.


Imagine if you could put the guests’ minds to rest and assure them that their health and safety is of paramount priority to you. At Cleancio, we require our in-house cleaning professionals to document their work, the products they use, and the results of the deep cleaning on our housekeeping mobile app. We make it easy for you to forward the information so your guests can relax and feel safe from the coronavirus at your property. 


Undoubtedly, it’s every hosts’ nightmare to receive 1* star and an official complaint because your guest fell unwell while staying at your property. A low rating on cleanliness can significantly impact your future bookings and jeopardize your business. Show your guests that you excel to ensure their stay is as safe as possible by getting the rental property professionally cleaned before their arrival. 


In addition, passing the cleaning job to us can save you time and energy. Luckily, with our tech-enable platform (view demo), we make it easy for you! The app allows you to easily automate your cleaning schedule, track completed cleanings, and connect with our customer service team. This can all be done from the safety and comfort of your couch or home office chair. 

Above all, don’t risk losing future reservations or being liable for a guest contracting COVID-19 and becoming unwell. Play it safe and partner with Cleancio. All our in-house cleaning professionals are trained to always follow the CDC and Airbnb cleaning guidelines. Cleancio has the right products to meet Airbnb safety guidelines, personal protection equipment (PPE), and systems in place to ensure high cleaning standards have been delivered.

To learn more, visit our website, or book a professional vacation rental (Airbnb) cleaning with us today!